Today's Show--July 5th

This is our first Fox News Sunday in the blog era. And I want to take you behind the scenes. July 4th weekend is always tough to book. So we were thrilled when we were able to get the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs--Admiral Mullen--as well as the House Majority and Minority leaders--all in studio. But then Friday afternoon came--and Sarah Palin's stunner of an announcement. We knew we had to cover that--so we added another guest segment. I thought Lt. Governor Parnell--Karl Rove--and Mike Huckabee were all interesting--trying to figure out what Palin is thinking--and what her future is. Parnell--who was called into Palin's office Wednesday and told about her decision--gave the most concrete explanation so far for why she's stepping down: she is tired of all the ethics investigatiosn and charges--and feels they are preventing her from doing her job. Parnell also thinks she has a real shot at a brightfuture in national politics. While trying to be polite--Rove and Huckabee were much more skeptical. Both thought the "quitter" label will be tough for her to shed. And Rove has an interesting "take" about the idea that stepping down will ease the pressure on her. He said--before she had an excuse: I'm too busy in Alaska to come speak at your event. Now, that excuse is gone. Second segment: Admiral Mike Mullen--who strikes me as a straight-shooter and a very impressive guy.We did a tour of the horizon--from the summit in Moscow on Monday--to North Korea--the new offensive in Afghanistan--and the situation in Iran. I was especially struck by his comments on Iran:--that a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would cause enormous and bloody blowback against US interests around the world--but that an Iranian nuclear weapons would also be very "destabilizing." Which would be worse? The Admiral said it's a close call. Finally--our segment with the 2 House leaders--Hoyer and Boehner. They were almost a vaudeville act--the Sunshine Boys--2 savvy politicians who disagree on everything--but seem to have respect for each other. I thought I heard in Boehner's comments the most coherent Republican argument yet against President Obama: he's spending too much money--making government too big--and the stimulus isn't working. Those 2 issues--big deficits and "where are the jobs"--may be the best thing the GOP has going for it right now. Please watch the show if you haven't already. It's on the Fox News Channel at 2 and 6 pm Eastern. And please let us know what you think about our new blog--and FNS. Have a great Sunday. Chris Wallace