Power Player Plus: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges talks about his new movie, True Grit, and explains why he chose to take on John Waynes classic role.

Power Player Plus: Ted Leonsis

The new owner of the Washington Wizards explains how he and the team are coping with Gilbert Arenas, a former star player who was convicted of felony gun charges last year, and faked an injury this year.

Power Player Plus: Nick Ayers

Is this week's Power Player the next Karl Rove? Nick Ayers responds to comparisons between him and the architect of George W Bush's presidential campaigns.

Power Player Plus: Michael Landrum

Fame and fortune don't impress our Power Player of the Week. Michael Landrum is the man behind "Ray's: Hell Burger," one of President Obamas favorite burger places. Landrum recently made a big gamble, by taking his "Ray's" family of restaurants to a very poor part of Washington, D.C. In this edition of Power Player Plus, find out why Michael Landrum says, "rich people suck," and get the scoop on how he throws holier-than-thou diners out of his restaurants.

Power Player: Janine Turner

ActressJanine Turner explains why she's encouraging kids to learn about the Constitution, and why it's hard to be aconservative in Hollywood.

Power Player: Barbara Bush

Former first daughter and Global Health Corps President Barbara Bush explains how she ended up in the health field, and why other recent college grads shouldn't rule it out.

Power Player Plus: Barbara Bush

The daughter of former President George W. Bush gives her prescription for improving health equityaround the world. {VignetteVideo id="3B2F96E72DD28416A80B08E16BE9A2E6" height="211" width="375" assettitl="Power+Player+Plus+-+Barbara+Bush" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" }

Power Player: Ginni Thomas

The wife of a Supreme Court Justicesays power to the people.

Power Player: Jennifer Griffin

FNC Correspondent on breast cancer and children.

Web Exclusive: Jennifer Griffin

FNC CorrespondentJennifer Griffinexplainswhybeing open with her kids about herfightagainst breast cancer not only helped them understand what she was going through, but gave her strength. {VignetteVideo id="2882518CB66762566195484A22015F02" height="211" width="375" autoplay="off" aspectratio="1.77" assettitl="Power+Player+Plus+-+Jennifer+Griffin" }


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