Looking For A Way Forward

 While every one seems eager for a deal, one wasn't apparent when two members leading efforts in the Senate, and a House Republican, joined "Fox News Sunday" to discuss prospects going forward. "Things are not moving now," Republican Senator Bob Corker (TN) said bluntly. While he thinks "we will see our way through this," Corker added, that the "last 24 hours have not looked good." "Republicans started off in a place that was an overreach," Corker said, but Democrats are now the ones overreaching. Democrats are "one tic too cute," the senator said. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), one of those working on a bipartisan proposal, said "leadership must lead." He added that he is waiting to see what Senate Democratic leadership comes back with "that they think is fair." The sticking point seems to have shifted now, and Republicans sound intent on standing their ground over sequester cuts.  One of the reasons Senate Democrats gave for rejecting the bipartisan bill spearheaded by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), which Senator Manchin was part of, was that it locked in those cuts. Manchin defended the budget caps in the proposal and argued that any change in- what is now the law of the land -needs to be done through normal procedure, like budget negotiations.