POTUS Sits Down With Chris Wallace

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace sat down with President Barack Obama to discuss the crisis in Syria, and get his reaction to a new proposal by the Russians that could chalk a win for diplomacy.

The proposal, raised by the Russians and "welcomed" by the Syrian government, would place the regime's chemical weapons under international control.

"I think we should explore and exhaust all avenues of diplomatic resolution of this," the president said, adding though that he intends to keep the pressure on.

"The question is, can we construct something that allows the international community to have confidence that these terrible weapons will not be used again," the president said.

Asked whether he would delay a vote in Congress, which is currently considering authorizing the use of force, the president said this proposal does not change the calendar, a process he expects will take a couple weeks anyway.

The president cautioned however that he would not allow a timeframe that goes on for months for this deal to be agreed upon and implemented.

"I think that we should be able to get a fairly rapid sense of how serious they are," President Obama said.