America's Veteran Reflects

Nearing his ninetieth birthday, former presidential nominee and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole joined Chris Wallace to reflect on his life and career, and how he wants to be remembered.

The US Senate, a body he served in for nearly 30 years, is if not broken, "badly bent," Dole said.

Dole, known for his bipartisan success at securing the passage of some major pieces of legislation, said both sides need to expect some give and take.

Dole was critical of his own party in particular.

"Reagan wouldn't have made it.  Certainly Nixon couldn't have made it," in today's party, Dole said.

Dole also gave his quick impressions of leaders with whom he has served over the years.

Nixon: "Brilliant, criminal. He could have been a great president.  He just threw it away."

Gingrich: "Newt is a brilliant in many respects.  He's the kind of a guy that can lead the revolution, but he can't lead after he succeeds."

And of the man responsible for effectively ending his time in elective office, Bill Clinton:

"He's a good guy. I remember getting a handwritten seven page letter from Nixon telling me all about the race.  And the last paragraph was, if the economy is good, you can't beat Clinton.  That's probably not the only reason I didn't beat Clinton, but it was a factor."

Dole has lived a full life, accomplished much.

But it's clear what he would like to be remembered for most: his service to his country.

Asked what he would like to be written on his tombstone, Dole replied, "Veteran.  He gave his most for his country, which -- which I think is true. And I tried to make the most of it.  And I think I did."