Pfeiffer and Ryan Address a Week of Scandal

White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer retiterated the Administration's position that they only found out about the inspector general's IRS report a few weeks ago, and even then they did not know the facts in it.

"For very good reasons the White House stays from away from the IRS and lets them do their business, " Pfeiffer said.

The IG's report released this week found that members of the Cincinnati tax exempt division set apart tea-party sounding organizations for higher scrutiny.

The IRS said it was in an effort to deal more efficiently with an ever-increasing workload.

"There will be a top down review at IRS," Pfeiffer said, calling the actions "outrageous."


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who followed Pfeiffer in a separate segment, said this issue is far from over.

What IRS has produced is an audit, Ryan pointed out, they are conducting an actual investigation now.

Among the questions Ryan still has for the IRS is why, when Congress has specifically asked whether targeting was going on for the past year, the agency was not forthcoming.

"This is abuse of power to the nth degree," Ryan said.

Both guests were also asked about Benghazi, and whether the details that have emerged from emails released by the White House clear up the matter of who edited the talking points and why.

Ryan said the Benghazi whistleblowers have already stated that it was clear the attack there was by terrorists.

Pfeiffer defended the administration, and said the emails confirm that all parties were concerned about protecting the integrity of the investigation.