Two House Oversight Committee Members Preview Wednesday's Benghazi Hearing

Rep Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-AZ), both members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, previewed the Committee’s hearing on Benghazi, which will feature “whistleblower” State Department employees as witnesses.

Rep. Chaffetz says he thinks one of the witnesses will contradict  the administration’s claim that the US didn’t have military assets close enough to respond more quickly to the assault on the mission.

Chaffetz said there are other potential witnesses who are watching and waiting, “afraid of retribution,” should they testify as well.

“At every single turn the administration has impeded this investigation,” Chaffetz added.

Rep. Lynch referred to an investigation carried out by the Accountability Review Board to argue that the administration has not been negligent in carrying out its investigation.

The board found “no breach of duty,” Lynch said.

They made a determination that the host country (Libya) “walked off the job basically,” Lynch said.

Lynch did fault the authorities for mishandling the original talking points which were presented to the public by Ambassador Susan Rice shortly after the September 11, 2012 attack.

Lynch said the talking points that said the attack grew out of a YouTube video and protest were “certainly not accurate”.

“Hope over reality” is how Lynch explains the misleading talking points.