Dan Pfeiffer Previews Upcoming White House Budget

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer previewed the president’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2014, which is to be presented to Capitol Hill in the coming week.

Highlights of the plan have been released and it includes a mix of tax increases and entitlement cuts.

Pfeiffer said the budget plan resembles the last offer the president made to House Speaker John Boehner “before he walked away” from negotiations last year.

The proposal seeks to cut roughly a trillion from entitlements and other spending areas, but would also enact what the administration calls “investments” in areas such as infrastructure spending.  Pfeiffer defended the stimulus spending.

It is a “false choice between deficits and job creation, you can do both, that’s what the budget does,” Pfeiffer said.

In conjunction with the release of his budget, the president will have dinner with some Senate Republican lawmakers on Wednesday, something he has already done once this year to try and gather support from that side of the aisle for his priorities.

Pfeiffer said “what we are looking for is a caucus of common sense”  adding, “there have been some willing members among Senate Republicans.”