Mark Kelly: The American People Demand Action on Background Checks

Is public support waning for gun control legislation? Should the president have moved faster?

Captain Mark Kelly (USN ret.) – the husband of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), addressed these questions on “Fox News Sunday.”

Kelly argued that the American people are demanding action now, as over 90% support a universal background check. Kelly also cited “incredible momentum” in Congress to get something done.

Addressing the 5 Republican senators threatening to filibuster any gun control measures, Kelly said GOP senators should not get in the way of allowing a debate on legislation.

Further, Kelly dismissed the alternative GOP bill currently being floated, stating that “any bill that doesn’t include a universal background check is a mistake.”

Kelly also discussed the recent video published through his organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions. Kelly said the video he filmed that shows his purchase of a firearm in 5 minutes demonstrates that background checks are “not the burden that the NRA leadership says it is.”

According to Kelly, the current system where law-abiding citizens submit to a background check while permitting others to avoid one is “crazy.”

Regarding mental illness, Kelly stated that he “would love to work with leadership of NRA to make sure we get those records in the system.” On this issue, Kelly said he agrees with the NRA.