Cliff Deal?

Dealing with the Cliff

Graham says

The chances of a last minute deal to avoid the huge tax increases of the fiscal cliff Senator Graham says are “exceedingly good,” but the bad news for the country is “we accomplished little” to get out of debt.  Graham said that votes are there for an income threshold for higher taxes rate for those making more than $400 - 500 thousand a year, and said he would vote against a $250 thousand mark that Obama campaigned on.   As for the chances of passage, Graham said "if (Senate Minority Leader) McConnell cannot get sixty percent of us to vote for this deal" it will be hard for it to pass muster in the House.



Feinstein says

Senator Feinstein was less certain of a deal, adding that her biggest worry is a “contraction of the economy.”  Feinstein also expressed concern over the automatic cuts that go along with the fiscal cliff – which are not under discussion in the immediate bargaining - calling them the “800-pound gorilla.” At this point Feinstein said she could live with the $400 thousand a year income threshold for tax rate increases.


Clinton accountable on Benghazi

Graham: Essential that Secretary Hillary Clinton testify and answer questions as to whether she was informed about security concerns in the months leading up to the attack that killed four Americans and if so what actions did she take? And if not, why not? He added that the nomination of Senator John Kerry should not be taken up by the Senate until Clinton has testified on the Benghazi affair.

Feinstein:  Agreed that Congress should hear from Clinton saying “she said she will and I believe she will”. Feinstein also was concerned about the level of intelligence and how the State Department handled reports of attacks in Benghazi  prior to the burning of the US consulate.