Down to the Wire: Campaigns Battle It Out

As we wind down to the final days of a long 2012 election season the candidates are cramming as many states and stops into their schedules as possible.

In addition to the frequented Ohio, Virginia and Florida, the Romney campaign has added a couple other states which either he or running mate Paul Ryan will make appearances at in the final days.

These states include Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod says the Romney camp is looking for other options to 270, the magic number needed for victory.

“I say they understand they’re in deep trouble... with Ohio they're behind.. and not catching up at this point,” said Axelrod.

Romney campaign political director, Rich Beeson, appearing on “Fox News Sunday” in a separate segment, said the decision to campaign in states no Republican presidential candidate has won in years is no “desperate act.”

The “map will expand drastically in our favor,” Beeson said.

Axelrod also pointed out that Romney is going to Florida and Virginia,  states that, “they assumed would have been secured now.”

The PR battle over ballots already cast is also being fought, with both camps doing the math and trying to spin the numbers in their candidate’s favor. 

“We have a large lead with early voters... they can spin it anyway they want... I'm looking at cold hard data... we're doing very, very, well,” Axelrod said.

Beeson countered,  “Governor Romney will win Florida by significant margin,” adding that while Virginia will be close, the Republican ticket is over performing in early vote goals, while the Democrats are under performing their mark.

Beeson predicted a “big win” for Romney on election night.