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Working Mom

Thought you all might like to read a very nice article (thank you Working Mother!) about me attempting to balance career and family.   They left out some of the more raw details of my day like how for the past two nights I waited a couple minutes too long before putting a diaper on my son after his bath and, well, let's just say, he then needed a second bath as did our hallway floor.  Welcome to my chaos. CLICK HERE! -- to read the Working Mother article.

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Coffee Addicts, anyone?

Hi Everyone!    Sorry for the Demi Moore impersonation this morning I'm baaaaack (even if my voice didn't make the return trip).  I lost it somewhere in Bellingham, Washington.  If you find it, drop me a line; I kinda need it..   It was 50 degrees and rainy (of course) every day of my visit.  I was there to meet my bestfriend's first baby.  I guess between the chilly temperature and all the cooing, my voice vanished.  Since I can't talk, let's type!  Did you watch our Problem Solver segment with the coffee addict who drank 30 shots of espresso a day?  Can you say caff-EEEEEEIne?  Can anyone relate?  (this means you Virginia)  Feel free to send us some photos of yourself before and after photos your morning cup of coffee!  Click on the "Hit us with Your Best Shot" button on the top right side of your screen.

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I'm baaack...

Hey Everyone, I'm back and oddly well-rested.  It's amazing what a solid 24-hours in bed will do for you.  So how many of you watched O'Reilly's interview with Hillary Clinton last night?  If you missed it, we'll replay much of it for you in the 6am hour.  Oh, good news, the blog managers have figured out a way to moderate all your comments much more quickly!  I know many of you had been feeling frustrated by the lag time; hopefully, this will solve the problem. I'm dashing off in the middle of F&F today to go report on a fun assignment.  Let's just say today I may get the closest I'll ever be to becoming a Bond Girl.  Stay tuned to the 6am show for more info on this upcoming segment... 

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Leaving Early

Good morning Everyone.  I'm not feeling well so I'm gonna head home early this morning.  But feel free to keep chatting with each other today and I'll respond when I'm back tomorrow.  I know you get frustrated when the moderating is not instantaneous and I promise to yell at someone for you, just as soon as I'm feeling better.  In fact, that's great incentive. Have a great day!

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All 3 hours

Good morning everyone.   Happy Monday.  I'll be hosting from 6am - 9am (edt) this morning (Gretchen's on vacation), so it'll be tough for me to blog or respond during the show but I'll check in afterward.  Let me know what you think of today's show and some of the things that grab your attention. 

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Want a massage?

Were you watching at 6:45am (edt) when Steve and I debated the merits of massage?  If so, would you agree Steve is in need of one?  A story out of London prompted our discussion.  One elementary school has implemented a policy of allowing the students to massage each other.  I can just hear the outrage now (as I did from Steve), "what??  how dare they??  what message does this send to kids??"  Whatever message massage is sending, sign me up.  School officials say the massages are paying big dividends:  test scores have improved, unruliness declined.  I admit, I'm always in favor of a massage.  If I were running for President, that would be my platform:  a massage in every pot.  Or something like that.  Massage = good.  OK, lemme hear your thoughts...then I'll schedule a massage.

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Back Pain Contact Info

So many of you have asked for the contact number for Dr. Norman Marcus that I'm re-posting it here this morning.  Thank you for sharing your personal struggles with back pain.  I pray you find some relief.  To find out more go to Dr. Marcus's website for the Norman Marcus Pain Institute Or if you have questions, you can call Dr. Marcus’s office directly at 212-532-7999 

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A Cure to Back Pain

If you watched the show at 6:45am, you saw my piece on a treatment for chronic back pain that doesn't involve surgery.  A New York pain specialist Dr. Norman Marcus says the secret behind back pain, that blows most people's minds who suffer with it, is that it's not connected to the back bones or the spine but rather the muscles.  We talked to patients who'd tried surgery and arduous rehab only to have their backs go out again.  Dr. Marcus uses exercises (specially designed by President John Kennedy's doctor) and injections to the site of the hardened tissue.  It's not accupuncture; the injections go deeper, down to the tendons and the spot where the muscles attach.  No steroids or cortisone is used, just some Lidocaine to ease the discomfort of the injections.  Most importantly, this treatment requires no surgery.  To find out more go to his website If you have questions, you can call Dr. Marcus's office at 212-532-7999 

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