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Rock out with us this FRIDAY! @TwistedSisterNY is here live! More info at #foxconcert


A court rules it's okay to spank your you have to defend yourself for parenting now?! @keithablow and @ArthurAidala join us, NOW!


This is what @IngrahamAngle says about the conflict in Russia. What do you think?!


Today's Rundown

1st hr

  • Are budget cuts prematurely ending military careers?

  • Plus, is Christianity being purged from the Middle East?

2nd hr

  • Is a lack of American leadership creating vacuum on world stage?

  • Then, is your quirky personality trait Normal or Nuts? Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in

3rd hr

  • Border surge: Texas community overwhelmed by illegal immigrants' 911 calls

  • And, are regulations crippling America's soul?


Brian Kilmeade

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Steve Doocy

Clayton Morris

Anna Kooiman

Tucker Carlson

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