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All-American Summer Concert Series

The Rundown

1st hr

  • Reaction to Trump's plan to allow the release of long-classified JFK files

  • And, is the mainstream media ignoring the Russia uranium controversy?

2nd hr

  • Carl Higbie reacts to the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa

  • Plus, we're taking the fear out of making kids' Halloween costumes

3rd hr

  • We're joined by former CEO of CKE Restaurants Andy Puzder

  • And, a look at how racial politics are impacting the Minneapolis school system

4th hr

  • Op-ed: What happened when my daughter saw me kiss my wife

  • And, Harvey Levin discusses his 'OBJECTified' interview with Mark Cuban

They are the brave men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe every day. They are our police officers, firefighters and first responders. They say it's just 'part of the job'. And so often, their stories don't get told.

We here at Fox and Friends - want to change that.

We want to share their incredible stories. You can help us honor these heroes by telling us how your life has been changed by someone who answered your call for help.

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Nominate your hometown diner to be featured on FOX & Friends as our hosts tour the country to talk politics!

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Bob Massi the Property Man

We know real estate law can be tricky. Luckily Bob is here to clear up your confusion and help rebuild your dreams.
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ramsey solutions

Need financial advice and don't know who to trust? Dave Ramsey and his team answer your questions live on air!

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normal or nuts?

Worried about that quirky habit of yours? Never fear, Dr. Keith Ablow is here. E-mail the doctor a question and tune in to see if he answers it on air.

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