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A college student who lost her driver’s license found a new way to get around – in a pink Barbie jeep!


Former NFL player turned CEO Casey Crawford says it’s time for Roger Goodell to let Deflategate go!


The son of the jailed county clerk in KY is also refusing to give marriage licenses to same sex couples today.


Today's Rundown

1st hr

  • A county clerk ignites a showdown in Kentucky over religious freedom

  • Plus, how to turn back time on regretful messages

2nd hr

  • The safest baby monitor alternatives

  • Plus, tips to determine the shelf life of food

3rd hr

  • The cars with the coolest new technology

  • Plus, how one Texas woman is showing police lives matter

4th hr

  • Does social media monitoring go too far?

  • Then, Kasey the Dog is teaching kids about fire safety

  • And, the cars with the coolest new technology


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