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Help Virginia's Local Farmers

The Virginia Food Freedom Act will allow Virginians to sell food grown on their own farms and prepared in their own kitchens to neighbors in their community who want fresh, wholesome local food.

Virginia farmer Bernadette Barber is asking everyone to sign her petition telling Virginia legislators to pass the Virginia Food Freedom Act. She...

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Could bulletproof glass have saved NYPD officers?

Technology breakthroughs in protective armor for vehicles is driving down the otherwise expensive proposition of outfitting police cruisers for a higher degree of protection against street attacks. The latest in ballistic glass called “transparent armor” weighs less and can stop more bullets from penetrating when installed on a police cruiser.  The NYPD has a estimated fleet count of 8,200 police cruisers.  At an approximate cost of $12-18K per vehicle for a 360 degree armored protection, the cost would range between $98M to $147M for the entire fleet of police cruisers.

Three ways we can be protecting police cruisers better than we are today with standard issue automotive glass:

1) innovative ONEWAY ballistic glass kit offering 360 degree protection $12-25K/cop car with the RhinoPAK
2) Learn from crime-ridden Brazil using Dupont Armura lamenate kits (only stops common handguns)
3) Custom armor services can go as high as $50K to retrofit a car often reserved for special uses, danger zones and swat vehicles.


Broward County Sheriff in Ft. Lauderdale using the RhinoPAK Armor Kit for their police cruiser ford crown victoria fleet.
- cost is substantially lower that creating a armored vehicle from scratch
- takes two techs just less than one day to install
- 360 degree protection to officers inside vehicle including door armor, rear wall armor and ballistic glass windows all around.
- developed patented ballistic ONEWAY glass technology they’ve developed in the ft lauderdale florida factory (video of ballistics test on ONEWAY glass)
- One-way return fire glass is the first ever design that stops bullets from coming penetrating police cruiser and allowing officers to return fire through the glass from the vehicle. 
- adds approx 200 lbs to vehicle weight which increases fuel costs and higher maintenance cost of police cruiser
- price avg 12K-25K per vehicle. 


Source: The Armour Group


In crime-ridden Brazil, Dupont Armura kits tap into developments in layered lamenant glass and kevlar door armor that can be retrofitted into a wide range of car makes and models.  These $12K kits are making it more affordable to protect people inside cars, but are not rated for every firearm, but will stop a bullet from the average handgun used on the streets of Brazil. 

The lastest technology in bullet proofing glass is SentryGlas from Dupont combined with a new Kevlar armor.  Brazil’s high crime rate and safety demand from the middle class has Dupont creating a lowcost car protection kit with a price tag of $12,000. 

It’s working in Brazil and could work in the U.S….

DuPont™ Armura®, this solution uses Kevlar® for all panels and SentryGlas® laminate layers with SpallShield® protection for windows and glass.



Our thanks to our friends at Madison Avenue Armor who brought us a B6-rated 42mm piece of bullet-proof glass from their leading armoring company - New York's premiere provider of bulletproof cars and armored vehicles for sale and rent.

212-674-0068 |

Help for Kayden Knickle's medical expenses

From the website:

Kayden Elijah Knickle was born on June 3, 2012, with an Omphalocele (where some organs remain outside the body) and Amniotic Band Syndrome (where string-like bands are wrapped around the legs and feet while in the womb). These complications led to some deformity with his legs and feet. As a result, Kayden had two abdominal...

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Best last-minute toys to buy for the holidays

Industry expert Elizabeth Werner has suggestions:

1. Yvolution Loopa -- Ages Two And Up -- $79.99
The Loopa is an innovative 2-in-1 balance bike to scooter that grows with a child. In balance bike mode, children as young as 2 years old can begin to ride by simply walking and then progress to running and cruising as their motor skills develop. The bike's height-adjustable cushioned seat provides a comfy ride.

2. Smart Shots Sports Center -- 12-36 Months -- $39. 99
Cheer on your little sports star with the smart shots sports center by VTech. This electronic sports center features a soccer net and basketball hoop for a fun 2-in-1 play experience.

3.  Sew Cool Sewing Studio -- Ages 6+ -- $39.99
Now kids can start sewing in a safe and creative way! The Sew Cool Sewing Studio is a revolutionary thread-less machine that's perfect for first time sewing experience. Has everything you need to start sewing right away.

4. Charley the Chameleon -- From Birth -- $31.95
Cloud B Charley the Chameleon is a cuddly plush friend that helps children transition from playtime to sleep time. Children's imaginations light up as charley illuminates in a rainbow of colors and plays soothing sounds.

5.  VRUM -- Ages Three And Up -- $49. 99
Introducing the first ever, VRUM Batman Ride On/Carry On Toy Box that holds toys and so much more, by Wicked Cool Toys! With 3-in-1 features you can ride it, pull it & take it with you. Includes a dual purpose strap used for pulling or carrying.

6. Step to Play Giant Piano Mat -- Ages Four and Up -- $39.95
Kids can make music while they're dancing, walking or skipping. They can hear different musical instruments such as piano, heart, flute, xylophone, violin, trumpet and banjo.

Happy Hearts Fund

From the website: Happy Hearts Fund rebuilds safe-resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. We work when children are most likely to be forgotten—during the gap period after emergency response is complete—to bring hope and empowerment to generations of children and entire communities.

Happy Hearts Fund was created by Petra...

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