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Is she the "meanest mom in the world?"

For one day, she was the ‘meanest mom in the world’ (her words, not ours!). Parenting blogger and former reality TV star Jaime Primak Sullivan was slammed on Facebook for taking away her young kids’ ice cream after they ignored the server and didn’t say thank you. Primak Sullivan said those aren’t the manners she’s taught her children and used the moment to teach them.  She writes:

“I counted to 10 in my head as they dug into their ice cream and the young lady just looked at me (probably because she thought I was hearing voices) and I watched as my children strolled out the door. I followed them outside where I calmly collected their ice creams and my kids watched in horror as I deposited them into the nearby garbage can. All 3 launched into mass hysteria. I waited. Quiet. Calm. When they realized I had something to say, they quieted down.”

While she was praised by many parents, and equal amount said she was out of line.

One commenter said: “Wow. I would never do that to my children. It's not like they were intentionally disrespectful, they just forgot to say thank you. Little kids forget things like that and it's totally okay to have to remind them until it becomes a habit. If anything, I would have taken the ice cream until they went back and thanked the cashier, then gave it back. I'm sorry but you get respect by earning it and doing something that cruel when the children had no ill intentions is just downright mean.”

Another added: “I know you are their mother, but in my opinion, I thought that was a bit over the top!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have made them go back in the ice cream place and apologize for not saying thank you. They are great kids, and this was quite harsh and this memory will really stay with them, even though I know you were trying to make a point.”

Despite the hate, Primak Sullivan stands by her choice telling FOX & Friends, “It is not my job to be their friend or to be cool. It is my job to teach them how to be positive, contributing members of society. …It is crucial that we stop, that we show them a better way and lead by example.”

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A group of Harvard Law Students want cheaper tuition - and not because they've jumped on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon. They say the increases in tuition are "racially biased."

In an open letter to the law school they write:
"The effects of HLS’ astronomical tuition fees are racially biased. Due to the legacy of centuries of white supremacy and plunder, people of color are less likely to have amassed wealth in the United States. Therefore, these fees disproportionately burden students of color, not only by creating a barrier to attending HLS, but also by constraining the career choices of those who do attend by saddling them with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  How can Harvard Law graduates be expected to advance justice or the well-being of society when they are forced to make career decisions based on paying off this burdensome debt?"

Kmele Foster of Freethink told FOX & Friends today that they need to re-evaluate their claims. He pointed that everyone is born with certain advantages and disadvantages that cannot be controlled or fixed by the government. Not to mention, there's no such thing as a 'free lunch.'  Watch the video above for more from Foster.