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'How I Met Your Mother' star Alyson Hannigan readies for last laugh

They've been best friends for eight straight seasons on the hit TV show "How I Met Your Mother." And at the end of last season they finally answered the burning question: Who's the mom?

But even with the big question answered, actress Alyson Hannigan says the show is far from finished. On Tuesday she stopped by "Fox & Friends" with a sneak peek at the series' conclusion.

"The final season all takes place in one weekend," Hannigan told Elisabeth Hasselbeck. "But there's lots of flashbacks, even some flash-forwards."

And talk of a spin-off series with Jason Segel? Hannigan confessed to lobbying her co-star: "I keep saying, 'Come on, Jason!' Because we work so well together. And he says, 'Maybe in 10 years.'"