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Dog tag lost in Vietnam returned to US Marine

One man’s chance find is another man’s lost treasure. On FOX & Friends this morning, Vietnam veteran Rick Tilghman was reunited with his dog tag after a stranger from Britain searched for him endlessly with one mission: to reunite solider and tag.

Charles Thompson came across a local vendor while vacationing in Vietnam in 2014. The man was selling what appeared to be artifacts found in the jungle, presumably items lost during the war. Put off by the selling of such objects at first, Thompson became enthralled with one object in particular.

It took 14 months for Thompson to find Tilghman. After his friend helped identify who the dog tag belonged to, Thompson sent an email to the retired first lieutenant, and to his surprise, Tilghman replied. Tilghman wasn’t aware he had even lost the tag, but hearing about the relic from his past brought back a wave of emotions.

It appears as though fate brought the two men together. They plan to keep in touch.  Tilghman hopes to one day visit Thompson in the U.K.