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Go Fund Me: Service Dog For our Veteran

FROM THE WEBSITE: Nick Bailey is wounded veteran that was badly wounded in Iraq in 2007. His injuries may not be seen with the naked eye by most. His injuries do not include missing limbs, although he’s lucky he doesn’t. Nick’s wounds are cut quite deeply. He was a victim of a Mortar attack (rocket bomb). They were attacked as they were going onto their base for lunch after a mission and did not have their gear on. Several of the men in his unit were injured and unfortunately one didn’t pull through.

Nick currently has a pup named Abel. He has raised him since he was a very young pup. Abel and Nick have an incredible bond together and Abel is very in tune with Nick’s injuries. Abel wakes him from the awful nightmares he has. He has already been partially trained to assist Nick with certain task training skills and has already passed his public access test as well as received his Canine Good Citizens.

Now, Nick and Abel need YOUR help. This amazing team is in need of help to finish off Abel’s training. Nick NEEDS Abel! They have tried several groups that claim to assist our wounded veterans but have had no success. 

Click here to help Nick and Abel 

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