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Sneak Peek: Fox News Special 'Proud to Be an American' #Proud American

FOX NEWS INSIDER -This Fourth of July, join Fox News Channel in celebrating what makes America so special. This past Memorial Day, Fox News Channel and the Fox News affiliates sent crews across the country to small town parades and big city events honoring America’s service men and women and people were asked: “what makes America great?”

The question was asked to many members of the Fox News and FBN families (featured below), as well as to celebrities on red carpets and politicians on Capitol Hill.

The result is a splendid tribute to the history and values of our United States of America on its 238th birthday.

Don't miss the Fox News special "Proud to Be An American," hosted by Brian Kilmeade on Friday July 4th at noon ET.

Plus, we want to hear your thoughts and see your pictures, so join in on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #ProudAmerican.

Now, take a look at some of the answers we received from your favorite Fox News personalities

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