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Join Peter Johnson Jr. and help Judson Shepherd

Petitioning Chimerix Inc
To please give a trial antibiotic called "hexadecyloxy propyl" to a 21 month toddler, with A.L.L leukemia. Who is fighting for his life. At John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Petition by
Rhea Chacona
Baltimore, MD

This is important to me because Judson Shepherd is my son, and I don't want him to die. The virus he has is called Adenovirus. The medicine he is on is not working. His immune system is compromised by the chemo drugs that he just received. The virus is taking over, and there is no other medicines the hospital has that will help. And he desperately need a bone marrow transplant, and can't have one till the infection is gone. So we are asking Chimeric Inc., if they will allow us to get Judson on this trail antibiotic medicine that they have available.


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