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Adopt a fantastic four-legged friend!

T88473 – Minnie
Female, 9 weeks old, Collie/Cattle dog mix
Minnie is a curious and outgoing pup, who also loves to lounge around. She is looking for someone she can play and snuggle with! She will grow to be anywhere between 45-55 lbs.

T88474 – Gigi
Female, 10 weeks old, Wire Hair Terrier mix
Gigi is looking for someone she can snuggle and play with all day long! She would do great in a household with kids and will grow to be 35-50 lbs.

T88486 – Titan
Male, 8 weeks old, Cattle dog/Hound mix
Titan is an active puppy! He would do great in a family with kids and a big yard to play around in. He will grow to be 50-65 lbs.

T90001 – Bitsy
Female, 12 weeks old,
Chihuahua mix
Bitsy might be tiny but she is a ball of energy! She will keep you busy all day long. She is looking for an active home, where she can also take long naps in. Bitsy will grow to be 15-25 lbs.

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