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High School posts a Wall Of Shame of students that failed tests

Most of us of know just how tough it can be to navigate the social hierarchy at any high school.

One major embarrassment can socially damage a kid.

Stephanie Castillo is a tenth grader and she says, "being popular in this school is like doing crazy stuff. "

Well, what about failing a crucial test and then everyone knows about it? Will that make a student popular?

One mother says, "it causes public embarrassment and humiliation among their peers."

That DeKaney High School in Spring ISD parent is talking about a list that shows the full name of dozens and dozens of students who didn't pass the TACKS test this year. It was posted publicly near the school's auditorium for all to see.

This mother, whose daughter is on the list, is hot. She's concealing her own identity to insure her daughter is not further embarrassed.

She says, "it actually outrages me...that even if it was a lapse in judgment on a person who found it necessary to post this that no one else came forward and identified how harmful this could be to those students."

The purpose of the posted list is to tell students who didn't pass the state mandated exam where they will retake it.

However, the parent we spoke to said there was another way to do it.

She says, "rather than posting their last and first name they could've use the student id as a method to notify the student."

So how do fellow students at Delaney High feel about their classmates' business being all out there for the entire student body to see?

We spoke with Gabrielle Culling's who says, "it would make them feel embarrassed and make them feel like they're dumb and not as smart as the other kids who passed it."

Spring ISDN issued this statement on the matter:

Protecting our students' privacy is one of our highest priorities. We strive to adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at all times. Posting student names within the school along with the locations of all state-mandated tests that they need to take is commonly practiced across the region, especially on high school campuses with large student populations. This is not meant to be harmful or an invasion of privacy. It is simply meant to direct students to the right location to take the appropriate state test. Only the student's name, testing time, location and subject area are listed within the school, which is not a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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