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'Constitutional Madness' poll: Which one of the president's constitutional violations is the worst of all?

From delaying key elements of his signature health care law to failing to enforce laws that he disagrees with, critics have accused President Obama of executive overreach.

So while the president was busy completing his March Madness bracket, we put together a "Constitutional Madness" bracket, pitting all of President Obama's constitutional violations against each other.

America has voted and the final is set. Now here's your chance to pick which violations is worst of all!

Using the IRS to suppress Tea Party free speech vs. Asserting executive privilege over Fast and Furious investigative documents

<a href="" title="poll which constitutional violation is worse">Which constitutional violation is worse</a>

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• The Internal Revenue Service singled out conservative groups applying for non-profit status for closer scrutiny in the months leading up to the 2012 election.
• After refusing to provide turn over 1,300 documents subpeoned by the House Oversight Committee investigation into the Fast & Furious scandal. The president asserted executive privilege over the documents in a last-ditch effort to prevent Attorney General Eric Holder from being held in contempt.

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