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Eminent domain fight

From the website:

Help Save the Drews/Liljedahl/Mauch Private Property from Condemnation by Dakota County!

How in this country where there are freedoms, equality, and justice, can we be treated this way? The United States of America is supposed to be the land of the free. How can our own property and things that we rightfully own be stripped from us? This is not the America I grew up to know.

I know that many people have been slapped with eminent domain or condemnation. These people were forced to give up their own property for usually an unfair payout. My family is now in the middle of this story/nightmare. I ask that someone out there in this government do something to make this country right again, and possibly help us with our fight. This cannot be the way we handle things. Dakota County has misled, humiliated, manipulated, and bullied my family. For centuries Dakota County has had their eye on my father's estate that lies on Spring Lake in Hastings, MN. Our family has been treated so poorly by Dakota County for so many years, that my father even put in his will "Do not sell the property to Dakota County." He also told me this when he was close to death. However, when my father passed away in February of 2011, they were fast moving to get their plan in action.

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