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Destiney my cure with cancer

From the website:

Hello my name is Destiney Camille Warfield. In May of 2013 I began a fight with something I never could imagine as a child. One day I was just a normal kid and then at the end of my past school year around April things changed for me dramatically. I began feeling different I guess and I thought it was just cramps and regular stomach pain. Maybe growing and pains from starting dance classes. I also began feeling low at times and crying for no apparent reason, at school I would have to ask to go to the restroom so no one could see me . By the end of April and towards the beginning of May things just were not getting any better. By the end of the school term I had started skipping days & missed so many days of school because of not feeling well but could not quite explain.

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About Will's WAG Wishes:

Will's WAG Wishes will grant "WAG" wishes to children and families affected by childhood cancer. The goal of Will's WAG Wishes is to honor the memory of my precious, brave, Will who battled stage IV neuroblastoma and treatment related AML for 33 months, before entering his heavenly home with Jesus and his Pop on July 16, 2013, at the age of 5.

Every day in the United States, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. One out of every five of these children will not survive. The emotional damage of this disease is overwhelming to children and their families.

Will was the recipient of so many wonderful wish granting organizations during his treatment. These wishes were absolutely necessary and encouraged Will and his family to keep going!

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