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Harris Faulkner gives us an exclusive look at her sit-down with Roy Eaton.

Indeed, it’s back! For Black History Month, the Ailes Apprentice Program presents a look at stories in the African American Community which open our eyes about some of the people among us who inspire, teach, love and reveal how they reached for the stars. They are an example of our shared history as a nation, bringing together people of all backgrounds to celebrate our greatest accomplishments.


Our first stop this month takes us to Roosevelt Island, New York. We popped by the home of Roy Eaton. You may not recognize his name. Honestly, I didn’t right away. But, so many of us are familiar with what he’s accomplished.

His legacy is those little commercial jingles we can’t get out of our heads. Americans have heard the proceeds of Eaton’s musical work for decades. He’s retired now, well sort of.  He’s still writing and creating music for projects here and there. A dad, husband and staunch lover of all things New York City, Roy Eaton insisted I see the sights. 


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