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Proud papa: Archie Manning on watching Peyton reach another Super Bowl

As patriarch of pro-football's "first family," Archie Manning is no stranger to watching his kids compete on football's brightest stage.

Now, as Peyton Manning prepares for his third Super Bowl appearance, Archie braved the cold Thursday morning and sat down with Brian Kilmeade on "Fox & Friends."

Asked to pick his "magical Super Bowl moment", Manning recalled Peyton's Super Bowl victory with the Colts: "It was bad conditions that day. It was raining so hard down in Miami. But to win that Super Bowl, as parents, your child is out there winning one -- I mean, it was special."

And on reports that Peyton could hang up the cleats after the end of this season? Manning said Peyton is taking a cautious approach: "If he can stay healthy, he probably wants to play again, if the doctors say it's OK."