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Hottest Holiday Toys

 Toy Trends' Reyne Rice has a sneak peek at this season's must-have toys and games:


THE KICKBOARD MAXI PRO $129.99 - For ages 5-11

* The Maxi Micro kickboard scooter has a reputation for being 'indestructible.'

* It's a favorite of celebrity kids.

* The new Maxi model comes in new 'ironman-ish' colors of metallic bronze & silver.

* Available at Kickboard USA Website & specialty toy stores across the country


HASBRO'S NEW FURBY BOOM - $64.99 - For ages 6 and up 

* It's been a global sensation since its 1998 debut.

* New Furby Boom comes in 6 fashion forward pattern combos including waves, stripes & zigzag designs!

* The new Furby adds a digital aspect.

* Download the free Furby Boom app at the App Store or Google Play. 

* Using the app you can control the Furby & even hatch digital Furbling friends.

* You can raise, care & play games using the app.

* Available at Target & 


THE JUMBO BANANAGRAMS - $44.99 - For ages 7 and up; 1-8 players 

* This is jumbo version of the most popular toy of all time on

* In Bananagrams you race your opponent to try & arrange your tiles to form connected words (similar to Scrabble.)

* Its great for camping, beaches, parties & more.

* The tiles are water resistant & the game can accommodate up to 8 players at once.

* Available at specialty toy stores across the country & at 


FLUTTERBYE FLYING FAIRY - $30.00 - For ages 5 and up 

* Young girls will love this toy.

* The Flutterbye Fairy is a new interactive doll that really flies. It puts the control of the flight right in the palm of your hand.

* The fairy uses an infrared sensor that can detect solid surfaces up to 6 inches below the fairy.

* Available everywhere  


RAZOR CRAZY CART  - $399.99 - For ages 9 and up (up to 140 pounds) 

* It's dubbed "The Ultimate Drifting Machine."

* The Crazy Cart has two driving modes - Go cart or Crazy Cart mode. The driver can choose on the fly.

* The Drift Bar on the side makes the cart spin in circles.

* Exclusively sold at Toys R Us


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