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ALISYN IN THE GREENROOM: Did you hear us talking this morning about the end of the world? It wasn't a FOX News Alert, rather a theory held by thousands of people worldwide that the Apocalypse is coming and the year will by 2012. Some say a polar reversal that year will cause devastating earthquakes, massive tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. Their belief is based on the ancient Mayan cyclical calendar which expires (with catastrophic consequences) in 2012. The ancient Egyptians viewed 2012 as a watershed year as well. And so does NASA, which predicts a sharp increase in solar activity like sunspots and flares that will cause electrical havoc in 2012. So here's the question: if the world were really to end in 4 years, what would you do differently today? P.S. -- I'm still have some problems with wordpress. It won't let me respond to any of your comments. I'll keep trying! Stay tuned. I see some great responses.

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