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Coffee Addicts, anyone?

Hi Everyone!    Sorry for the Demi Moore impersonation this morning I'm baaaaack (even if my voice didn't make the return trip).  I lost it somewhere in Bellingham, Washington.  If you find it, drop me a line; I kinda need it..   It was 50 degrees and rainy (of course) every day of my visit.  I was there to meet my bestfriend's first baby.  I guess between the chilly temperature and all the cooing, my voice vanished.  Since I can't talk, let's type!  Did you watch our Problem Solver segment with the coffee addict who drank 30 shots of espresso a day?  Can you say caff-EEEEEEIne?  Can anyone relate?  (this means you Virginia)  Feel free to send us some photos of yourself before and after photos your morning cup of coffee!  Click on the "Hit us with Your Best Shot" button on the top right side of your screen.

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