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Danica McKellar: Breath of Fresh Air

Welcome to Wednesday!

Seems the theme lately has been a lot of talk about celebrities opening their mouths about their political beliefs. Barry Manilow, who says he canceled his appearance on "The View" because he didn't want to be interviewed by conservative host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (calling her "dangerous" and "offensive"), now doesn't want to answer questions about it all. Hey, when you start something, you have to finish it! And I used to like Barry's songs!

More talk about O.J. Simpson too. His hearing happened today. He'll now be released from prison. No one could have predicted this story this week.

What a refreshing breath of fresh air to have Winnie from the "Wonder Years" on the show today, Danica McKellar. She majored in math at UCLA and has now written a best-selling book to entice young girls that "Math Doesn't Suck" and that they should stick with it! As someone who was a math junkie as well, I agree with her. It's a great message: That it's OK to be sexy and smart. Danica is one of the few role models in Hollywood worth listening to.

Have a great day everyone!


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