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The Second Time Around

Welcome to Thursday's Daily Doocy,

More funny and heartwarming answers to the question raised by my book, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook," what is the secret to a happy marriage?

E-mail No. 1


The secret to our happy marriage is getting the first one out of the way.

Jo-Ann and Kevin

Midland Park, NJ

E-mail No. 2

My mother in law had been living with us for several months and things in our household had become a bit tense. Whenever we had some "quality time" scheduled, she seemed to be around. I prayed about a way to get some time alone together and this is what came to me! (God truly is great and good.)

I made a lunch date with hubby and lied to mom in law about an appointment or something. Then I made a reservation at a local motel, purchased a picnic lunch at a local deli, set up the lunch, candles, etc in our cozy love nest and picked up the ole boy from work. We pulled up in front of the motel, I flipped him the room key and happiness ensued! The lunch wasn't bad, either. It's just one happy memory of time that we carved out to show how important we are to one another.

Deanna Potter

Naples, FL

E-mail No. 3

The secret to our happy marriage is living apart 50 percent of the time. We married when he was on R&R from 'Nam and as a helicopter pilot in the Gulf, he is gone literally half of the time. This allows us time to get over each other's shortcomings and to talk on the phone about the things that really matter. It also reminds us that life is fragile since he could crash at anytime. The second part of our secret is laughter. He has a saying that works on me every time. When we argue and are getting really angry, he just turns and says, "Ha! I laugh on your bow tie!" Cracks us both up every time and stops the anger.

Of course, the kids have a pool going on how long we will stay married when we are both retired and living together full time!


Ginger and Danny Platt J

E-mail No. 4

Hi Steve,

The secret to our marriage is simple. I always treat my wife as though she is my girlfriend and she always treats me like I'm her boyfriend. I know it sounds silly but, if you think of how you treated your spouse when you were dating and just continue doing those little things it works. People ask us how long we have been married and the answer is always the same, "Not long enough."

Have a DIXIE day!

John and Cheryl Kostanesky

Summerville, SC

E-mail No. 5

Steve: The secret of a happy marriage is to always keep your husband guessing.

My husband is a retired heavy equipment operator and therefore had to take his lunch to work. One morning I fried freshly made sausage and stuck it in the refrigerator to cool. As I was putting the bread in wax paper I casually asked my husband what he wanted on his sandwich. He said "nothing" which is exactly what he got because I forgot to get the sausage out of the refrigerator! Can a happy marriage survive after that? We celebrated our 50th anniversary in July!

Pat Taylor

Evansville, IN

Who's better than our readers and viewers? I love each one of these stories we've highlighted over the last month, and I hope you're enjoying them as well. See you tomorrow for another installment of the Daily Doocy!

Steve Doocy

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