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Confidence Is Key

Dear Friends,

A busy week here at The Daily Doocy — and a busy week for Mr. Doocy, as I've been flying around talking about the book that has given married people a reason to laugh, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook."

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It was officially released this past Tuesday, and I'm overwhelmed by the support! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For those of you who are going to buy the book TODAY (online and at bookstores everywhere) let me say thanks to you as well!

Of course the book, is what inspired these real life stories of the secrets to a happy marriage, I hope you enjoy them all, and invite you to send yours to me, just visit, for details, plus see how to order an autographed version!

So here are our stories for today:

E-mail No. 1

The secret to our happy marriage is an undying sense of self confidence. While taking a walk after dinner in New York's Greenwich Village, we passed in front of restaurant with large windows. As we passed, a few of the men inside smiled, prompting me to turn to my husband of 43 years saying, "I guess the old dame still has it." Smirking, he replied quickly, "Get a grip, it's a gay bar; they're smiling at me." Hard to know if I should be pleased or not, to know that my husband is still a hotty!

Angela and Joe Yurman

Brooklyn, NY

E-mail No. 2

To a long Happy Marriage: commitment, trust and absence! That's right, as my wife and I arrive at our fortieth anniversary we realize what is missing today is the commitment and trust we had to build upon. As for the absence, that came from working at two very demanding public service jobs, law enforcement and nursing. Very flexible shifts with children in between. This is where the trust came to play.

But we would have had it no other way. Today however too many newly weds still want their space as a single person but can not trust the other while out of their sights. Thus a marriage lacking trust, commitment while experiencing any absence from each other will not succeed.

Bob and Carole Adams

Cape Coral, FL

E-mail No. 3

3 things that will destroy a marriage:

1. Money

2. Job

3. Family

We married in 1968 and my husband was drafted in the Army. We were stationed in Germany for 3 years. We:

1. Had no money, only $140.00 per month for pay

2. Had no family, they were 3,000 miles away

3. Had no job, he worked for the Army

We had no TV, only a radio, and entertained ourselves playing games, talking and playing cards. We were rationed gas. If we argued, we had no where to go, and no money or gas. We had to resolve our differences.

We came back to the states 3 years later. My husband went to work for my father, and they lived 3 blocks away. We now had a job, money and family. Thank God we had 3 years of working on our relationship. We just celebrated our 38th Anniversary and are best friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cooper

Palm Springs, FL

E-mail No. 4

The secret to our happy marriage is that I accept the fact that my husband is a bit carried away in his relationship with the great outdoors.

I don't have a photo of my husband without a fish in it. If you calculated the price of fish by what the Ranger bass boat, insurance, gear, electronics, gas and trailer cost, fish would probably cost three thousand bucks an ounce! But, he never brings them home, he's a "catch and release" kind of guy. We regularly visit the wing of the local Bass Pro Shop that we built through his purchases of fishing gear, electronics, rattletraps, jelly worms and other assorted fishing paraphernalia.

I tolerate two huge and hairy deer heads on the wall. I named them Moe and Larry. This time of year in Louisiana, my husband's eyes glaze over and he becomes fixated on one thing — deer season. If I want him to make eye contact with me while I'm talking to him, I have to press the palms of my hands against my head and spread my fingers out to resemble horns.

I initially fought the idea of hanging dead animal heads in the living room; I wasn't going for the "lodge-look" in our home. My husband insisted that the deer heads made our house look "homey." When he first stuck Moe and Larry on the wall, it didn't matter how I decorated, they just overwhelmed the room. However, over the years, I've gotten used to their catatonic stare. One shot with a Dust Buster up the nostrils gets rid of the cobwebs and sucks out God knows what else is up there!

I love my husband, and I'm sure my attitude on this subject is a major reason why we're still together after 23 years. I only hope that he doesn't ask me to find a place to hang "Curly."

Victoria F.


E-mail No. 5

The secret to our happy marriage is knowing when to stop the training. We have been married nearly 36 years and I have trained my husband to clear his dishes from the table and rinse them, actually put his dirty clothes IN the basket, power tools DO NOT belong on the kitchen counter, etc. However, some things just can't be taught and after about 25 year of trying I simply put the toilet seat down myself! He is as trained as he is ever going to be!

Mike and Lavena Johnson

El Dorado Hills, CA

Thanks for the stories and I hope to see many of you this weekend, I'll be signing books Friday night at Davis Kidd, 387 Perkins Road, Memphis from 6 to 8 p.m. Then on Saturday, I'll be in Nashville's Davis Kidd at the Mall at Green Hills from 2 to 4 p.m.

Thanks again for your stories and your support.

Steve Doocy

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