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See Cheney Run or Is Cheney Done?

In the course of six short months, the political system has come full circle: a presidential campaign, an inauguration, a State of the Union address and now this — another presidential race.

A dozen or so ambitious Republicans and Democrats already are warming up for 2008.

Did veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward (search) launch a trial balloon for a Vice President Dick Cheney (search ) for President run in 2008?

Appearing on a Sunday morning political talk show, Woodward labeled Vice President Cheney, "a serious dark horse candidate."

Cheney in 2008: See Dick Run or Is Dick Done? Click here to vote!

A sample of your responses:

Please, not Dick Cheney. I like him, but he is too controversial — too much the Dems can play against him i.e., Iraq, oil, Halliburton ... also his past health problems.



As a conservative, I would love to see Vice President Cheney run. However, I don’t believe he can beat Senator Clinton. Condi Rice is my choice.

Mark H.

Kansas, OK

I would love to see Dick Cheney run in 2008. There isn't a more capable candidate in America than Dick. I believe he owes it to his country to take the nod.

Elaine G.

Bloomfield, CT

I think Dick should pack it in and the Republicans should begin looking at the strongest candidate to defeat any Democrat selected to run for president.

Joe and Peggy O.

Hopefully Dick is DONE.


Newport, NC

Dick Cheney may be qualified, but will not be a candidate due to ill health.

Richard M.

Definitely want Dick Cheney to run. He has a healthier heart than most people because of his great healthcare. I think he has proven he can take anything that is thrown at him.

Brenda W.

Weatherford, TX

V.P. Cheney has already been painted as "too mean, too grumpy" by the mainstream media. Hillary will be seen as mean too, that is why the GOP needs someone with a "nicer" demeanor.

Charles T.

Boston, MA

If Cheney was president I would leave the country.

Janice S.

Grove City, OH

Dick is done ... the 30 heart attacks he has had says he's done too.

Peter M.

Seattle, WA

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