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Runaway Bride Debt: How Would You Make Her Pay?

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks (search) could partially repay her home town by working as a nurse at local festivals.

Authorities spent days combing for clues in her disappearance, but then learned she had left town on her own, and had invented a kidnapping story.

The mayor of Duluth, Georgia, has put the cost of the search at more than $43,000.

Her lawyer said it's not clear that Wilbanks is obligated to pay anything — but that she wants to make amends somehow.

Wilbanks could have many options, including a chance to work off some of the money through volunteering. The mayor points out Wilbanks is a nurse, and said the town could use her help with first aid at big events.

Runaway bride debt: How would you make her pay? Click here to vote!

A sample of your responses:

It is hubris, to make the "runaway bride" pay for one more silly incident overhyped by the media for their own profit.


Fullerton, CA

Make her pay it back in CASH instantly. The municipalities paid the police in payroll and money from the taxpayers which came out of a budget for that department. Paying back in time or working it off does not give immediate cash relief to the taxpayers.

Steve M.


She should pay "cash money" to the government ... don't let her draw crowds of gawkers and so called "fans" at any public events. Her daddy has money ... let him pay in full and she can work it out with her family.

Pete B.

Inverness, FL

No one forced the people of Georgia to spend their time and money looking for Jennifer! She shouldn't be forced to pay for their decisions. FOX is not being very Fair and Balanced over this.

Robert M.

Plano, TX

How 'bout making her date Hardy? (That might violate the "cruel and unusual" clause of the Fourth Amendment!)

Erik W.

Clifton Park, NY

The first way I would have her reimburse the county is to have the family fork over the 100G reward they were offering and then I would sentence her to community service counseling young couples on what you DON'T DO when preparing for a wedding.

Joe L.

Mays Landing, NJ

If she is a nurse she should have her license taken away ... she is nuts! How should she pay? Medicate her and tuck her away in obscurity. Then medicate any "reporter" that shows a desire to cover the "story."

David C.

Marietta, OH

She should auction her first on-air interview on eBay, I am sure some news agency would be willing to pay 43k for the first prime time interview with Jennifer Wilbanks. The only flaw I would see with this is its encouragement for others to make themself a spectacal for the purpose of profit, so I would also put a cap at whatever the bill the town is asking for as to not allow personal gain from such an embarassing display,

first bid of the requested amount wins, or any amount bid over the bills amount could go to some type of missing person's fund/organization.


Kansas City, MO

Make Jennifer Wilbanks go to South Africa and teach the chimp to quit smoking! Hell, by now he's probably an alcoholic and addicted to gambling too!

Barry C.

Camarillo, CA

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