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Runaway Bride: Pity or Prosecute?

A jilted groom and a town full of puzzled friends and relatives may not be all that Jennifer Wilbanks (search ) faces, as authorities weighed the evidence and the legal issues on Monday to determine whether she should be charged with a crime.

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter (search ) promised to look into whether Wilbanks, 32, violated the law by falsely reporting a crime.

Wilbanks, who had vanished Tuesday after saying she was going out jogging, initially told authorities she was abducted. But she later admitted she took a cross-country bus trip to Las Vegas, Nev., to avoid her lavish, 600-guest wedding, which had been set for Saturday, and then went on to Albuquerque, N.M.

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A sample of your responses:

Walking away and not telling anyone isn't against the law. This is America, and we can go where we choose without telling anyone anything. Granted, that is selfish, but not illegal. What is illegal is lying to law enforcement authorities. I say probation with at least partial restitution for those who searched for her. If I were her betrothed, the wedding is probably off.

Ken O.

Lexington, KY

Maybe we should put her in the Coliseum — as in Roman times — and do the "thumbs up," "thumbs down" thing. The lions are hungry!

John J.

Florence, SC

Jennifer Wilbanks, like the rest of the country, was probably still in shock from seeing that smoking chimp last weekend on "FOX & Friends," thus her erratic behavior!

Barry C.

Camarillo, CA

At least she should do community service and pay back every cent spent looking for her.

Ron M.

Columbus, GA

I feel sorry for her, because I think she totally snapped! The family should donate the $100,000 reward to replenish funds that went to pay for all the resources that were brought in for the search effort!

An apology from Jennifer, for what she put everyone through should suffice, as she is going to suffer more humiliation than any person should ever have to.


Kamiah, ID

Shame on her! Why did the police/authorities start looking for her so soon after her "staged" disappearance? She should, at the very least, be forced to pay retribution to the Duluth Sheriff's Office and GA State Patrol if they were involved. I don't feel that the taxpayers should foot the bill for such a blatant hoax!


Woodstock, GA

I say PURGE the reporting on her!



Former police officer with a thought... How would you like to have been the unfortunate Hispanic male, innocently driving a blue van through Albuquerque that morning on your way to work? Her statements gave police the probable cause to detain innocent people. Could she reason why any of us might have lost our freedom, if only for a few minutes?


I think the runaway bride should be prosecuted with at least a misdemeaner. She should have to do some community service to repay the government and be on probation for a while.

Kenny H.

SFC, U.S. Army


The situation was one created by the media in your constant quest for ratings. If anyone should be charged it should be you. While she did a terrible deed it was not unusual. You people created it, so live with it.

Tom T.

I pitty John Mason and Jennifer Wilbanks because they have a lot of baggage to go through. Our prayers are with them both. However, pitty the Gwinnett County taxpayers more. D.A. Danny Porter should VERY carefully consider his options! Don't waste any more money on this issue! It could cause more harm then good for everyone. Making an example out of Jennifer Wilbanks could turn this issue into more of a three-ring circus.

Ken G.

Dacula, GA

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