• Report: Best, worst US cities in which to start your career

    By courtm

    The personal finance social network WalletHub released a report examining the best and worst cities in which to start a career.

    The report -- which was based on 18 metrics ranging from the number of entry-level jobs per capita, to the median starting salary in each of the 150 largest U.S. cities -- found:

    Best Cities to Start a Career

    1.Washington, DC

    2.Denver, CO

    3.Irving, TX

    4.Seattle, WA

    5.Minneapolis, MN

    6.San Francisco, CA

    7.Austin, TX

    8.Dallas, TX

    9.Charlotte, NC

    10.Houston, TX

    Worst Cities to Start a Career

    141.Riverside, CA

    142.Cleveland, OH

    143.Fayetteville, NC

    144.Columbus, GA

    145.Detroit, MI

    146.Akron, OH

    147.San Bernardino, CA

    148.Stockton, CA

    149.Port St. Lucie, FL

    150.Modesto, CA

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