• The four weekend business shows did not air this weekend.

    Instead, we were LIVE with The Cost of Freedom: Unplugged -- a two hour special, hosted by Neil Cavuto. The special balanced coverage of the blackout with the latest business and investing news.

    Guests included:

    • Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell

    • NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

    • Bill Cowan, FNC military analyst

    • Harvey Kushner, terrorist and security analyst

    • Bill Stanton, former New York police officer

    • Jeff Birnbaum, Fortune magazine's Washington bureau chief

    • Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho

    • Rich Galen, Republican strategist and editor of Mullings.com

    • Nancy Skinner, talk show host

    and Cost of Freedom regulars:

    • Wayne Rogers, Wayne Rogers & Co.

    • Meredith Whitney, FOX Business News contributor

    • Charles Payne, WStreet.com

    • Tobin Smith, Changewave Research

    • Victoria Murphy, Forbes senior reporter

    • Jonas Max Ferris, MAXFunds.com

    • Rich Karlgaard, Forbes publisher

    • Quentin Hardy, Forbes Silicon Valley bureau chief

    • Mike Ozanian, Forbes senior editor

    • Hilary Kramer, A&G Capital

    • Rob Stein, Astor Asset Management

    • Jonathan Hoenig, Capitalist Pig Asset Management

    • Dagen McDowell, FOX Business News correspondent

    • Gary B. Smith, the Chartman

    • Scott Bleier, Hybrid Investors

    • Mike Norman, Economic Contrarian Update