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Lawmaker slams lack of access to immigration centers

Oklahoma lawmaker Jim Bridenstine is voicing his outrage after he was denied access to an immigration center and asked back only under a strict set of rules.

The Republican representative attempted to visit a local center on July 1 but was turned away. When Bridenstine took issue, he was told he could come back for media day on July 12 where recording devices are banned, questions aren't permitted unless through email and talking to the staff, children and medical personnel are off limits. Photos are not allowed but handout pictures will be sent after the tour.

"I'm a federal representative of the people. This is a federal facility on federal property… we shouldn't be rejected or turned away seemingly for political purposes," Bridenstine said Wednesday during an appearance on "America's Newsroom."

"This is not what we expect in the United States of America, and certainly the media here needs to stand up for itself."

Bridenstine also called into question President Obama's request to Congress for $3.7 million to address the crisis when its members cannot freely access the facilities.

“Why can't we hear the stories of the people who are suffering in these facilities?," he asked, calling for transparency and openness from the White House.

Despite a number of Oklahoma news outlets refusing to attend media day in protest of the restrictions, Bridenstine says he will be there on July 12.

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