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Will first electric motorcycle satisfy Harley-Davidson fans?

Iconic American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is rolling out its' first electric model in a radical departure from the 111-year history of the brand.

The electric bike prototype called Project LiveWire is part of Harley-Davidson's new global strategy to aggressively pursue overseas markets and appeal to a new generation of motorcycle rider.

But will the bike also satisfy the loud-pipe-loving Harley faithful?

"That's what they need to find out," automotive editor Gary Gastelu said Friday on "America's Newsroom".

"It doesn't sound like a Harley," he explained. "It sounds like an electric guitar version… it makes a cool, futuristic whine. Pretty loud for an electric bike, but it's not the chug-a-chug you're used to hearing."

Starting next week in New York, the new bikes -- which take on a sportier look than the company's classic cruisers -- will embark on a tour of H-D dealerships across the country, where test rides will be available.

Gastelu anticipates the bikes will be available for sale in showrooms in the next few years. 

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