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Are officials looking in the right place for MH370?

U.S. aviation experts are questioning whether the Malaysian government is prematurely putting all their eggs in one basket by narrowing the search for MH370 to the southern corridor of the Indian Ocean.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" Tuesday, Fox News aviation analyst Kathleen Bang was cautious of placing all bets on the Inmarsat satellite pings that put the plane far off course off the coast of Australia.

"They're basing this off one new technology that they've never used before, because Inmarsat's generally used in the maritime business," Bang told co-host Bill Hemmer as they examined a map of the region.

"I hope that they're right. I hope that we're looking in the right area. But sometimes I'm a little concerned that we're not looking back where the airplane's last for sure known position was."

If investigators are in right zone, Bang says locating the wreckage and the plane's black box is still a monumental task.

"Right now they say they've got the search area narrowed -- narrowed --down to an area the size of Alaska. This is not a haystack, this is an ocean of haystacks. We're looking for this needle."

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