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Bombshell developments in timeline of Flight 370

During an appearance on Fox News Channel Tuesday evening, former FAA spokesman Scott Brenner dropped a bombshell that the flight path of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was already reprogrammed and in progress before the cockpit signed off with air traffic control. 

Using this new theory, "America's Newsroom" co-host Bill Hemmer revealed an updated flight timeline Wednesday morning, incorporating Brenner's data that the plane made a slow curve to the northwest versus a dramatic turn west.

Aviation attorney and law professor Salvatore Lagonia corroborated the figures demonstrated by Hemmer, calling Brenner's findings a "significant" development.

"A slow turn is more likely done by the autopilot than by hand flying," Lagonia explained. "So you've got to believe that at some point somebody reprogrammed the autopilot. And that could have been done on the ground prior to liftoff."

"It could also tell us that he was trying to drape the turn so no one would notice it."

Lagonia disagrees with commentators who say both pilots would have to have been aware of the course change.

"The pilot's reading a newspaper, he's tending to something elseā€¦ and now the co-pilot goes in and punches the new routing -- which is probably in memory in the FMS -- and goes into the autopilot which starts that turn."

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