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Rep. Gowdy: Lerner will 'never' get immunity

The attorney for ex-IRS official Lois Lerner, a central figure in the IRS targeting scandal, signaled Wednesday that his client will not comply with a request to testify on Capitol Hill next week unless compelled by a federal court or given immunity.

The attorney's move baffled Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, Thursday, when he appeared on "America's Newsroom" to offer up a response.

"We don't know what she's done, so why would you give someone immunity when you have no idea what criminal conduct they've engaged in," the House Oversight Committee member wondered.

"The way you're talking suggests she's hiding something, or perhaps she's hiding a lot," co-host Bill Hemmer asked. "What do you think she knows?"

"I think she connects this scandal all the way to Washington," he responded. "And she's holding out for a better deal, but it's not going to be immunity until we know what your testimony would be. And you can't sit there and say you have done nothing wrong and nothing illegal and then hide behind the Fifth Amendment and expect us to give you immunity. That is not going to happen."

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