We've got three days and counting till Election Day – and our jam packed show today proved that it's still down to the wire as both President Obama and Mitt Romney make that mad dash to the finish.

Team Obama remains confident – telling crowds that "voting is the best revenge" against Mitt Romney. Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki on our show today defending the comments saying they were made in context that Romney is "closing his campaign with an ad full of scare tactics that's frightening workers in Ohio and thinking falsely that they're not going to have a job."

Romney's camp pushing back saying "vote for love of country, not revenge." And so it goes. The stakes remain high – and you can bet there will be lots of push and pull in these final days before November 6th.

Romney has lots of high profile support out in the swing states. We talked with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who blasted the president's lack of FEMA coordination for those residents still reeling in New York and New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Giuliani criticized the lack of leadership in the wake of the powerful hurricane saying too many people are suffering while the president continues to campaign for his reelection bid.

Along with Giuliani – former Arkansas Governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee both blasted the White House for side stepping questions on Libya. Both are angry that the president has yet to address the public about why the White House declined to beef up security at the consulate and why there was no coordinated response to help our ambassador and three other Americans killed in that brutal attack.

At this point it's all up to the voters. We'll see what happens Tuesday. My guess we won't know who our next president will be until the early morning hours of November 7th. Can't wait! So much is at stake—so much to think about. One thing's for sure, you can't make a difference unless you vote! So make it happen!