We had a great show today -filled with so much news centering on politics and the big hurricane they're calling Sandy. I have to say that I do hope folks will take the weather forecasters seriously - and prepare. It's so easy for some who live along the coast to perhaps dismiss some of the concerns because they've become accustomed to the warnings and states of emergencies when these storms approach only to find that in the end - the storms did not pack a powerful punch.

This one is being described as one that will be an epic storm -with officials bracing for the worst: nearly a foot of rain, high winds and up to 2 feet of snow in the highest parts of the Appalachian Mountains from West Virginia to North Carolina. We've also got to be prepared for the storm surges that could really flood the region and create major power outages. Folks, please play it safe and heed the warnings from emergency personnel if your area is in a threatened zone.

Having Dick Morris and Andy Card on today offered up some great perspective on the troubling issues that surround the attack on our consulate in Libya. It still is amazing that after more than 40 days we have more questions than answers. Our Jennifer Griffin has been doing a fantastic job of reporting on this critical story. When she first broke the news that there were three separate requests to aid not only the attack that was occurring at the consulate and to try to help with that attack, but also requests for outside military help with the firefights at the CIA annex - and those requests were denied - it was astounding.

Those folks were told to stand down. Who made that call and why? Why are we not hearing more from the president, when we have lost 4 Americans who were pleading with Washington to get more security before their deaths? The president says let the investigation continue to get the answers. But Andy Card who was the former chief of staff in the Bush administration and is very familiar with White House operations - maintains that the president would have been in the loop from the beginning since the White House situation room is poised to keep all major players like the president, secretary of State, defense secretary, etc. apprised of the events as they unfolded.

We also know there is a video, and state department officials confirmed that the attack was monitored in real time over 7 hours. Why did the president refrain from calling this a terror act and blame an obscure anti-Muslim video as the reason for the attack? Even now -as more details become clear-why is the commander-in-chief still declining to talk to the American people about the real facts of this story? It is absolutely amazing to me that Fox News is one of the only major news outlets following this story uncovering disturbing details of this tragic event. The mainstream media is ignoring these revelations in a way that I have never seen before in my career as a journalist. Dick Morris thinks that this investigation could impact the presidential election with undecided voters and because it remains in the headlines just days before voters head to the polls.

As for the election - with 10 days to go - it's clear it will be a 24/7 effort to get those undecided voters and women who could make the difference in this campaign. We're hearing it's a dead heat - and this year conventional wisdom may be outdated with different swing states in play - as to who will the election.

For example...many are saying that in years past a candidate could not win the White House without Ohio - and now with states like Wisconsin really tightening up - it may be that Wisconsin becomes the new "Ohio."

The president won Wisconsin with an overwhelming margin 4 years ago. Wisconsin represents Obama's "Midwest Firewall" along with Ohio and Iowa. Now with Wisconsin in play - the Romney camp sees an opportunity to break through that firewall. We showed our audience today -the huge Romney rally in Florida - with a very upbeat candidate talking to a packed house of 10,000-plus supporters. Romney showed lots of emotion and made reference several times to America's greatness and applauded the people he considers heroes like single mothers and parents who are working 2 to 3 jobs just to take care of putting food on the table for their children. He appeared quite confident and is really appearing to embrace the momentum that is evident in these final days before Election Day.

If you have any thoughts, comments or concerns about the show please let me know via Twitter or Facebook. You can tweet me @HurricaneUma and I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you. In the meantime, we're planning for a big show next week...our final Saturday before Election Day - so stay tuned and I hope you'll join me again at Noon ET from Washington D.C. Take care and stay safe!