Selecting the New Pope

Cardinals from around the world gather at the Vatican to select and install a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. 

New pope: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina
He has chosen to be known as Pope Francis. Bergoglio, 76, is the first pope from the Americas.
So long, Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI is the first to resign from the papacy in more than 600 years.
What is a conclave?
It is a meeting of cardinals specifically to choose a new pope. Only cardinals who are under the age of 80 are eligible to vote – there will be 118 of them in next month’s conclave.
How will we know when the new Pope has been selected?
The ballots are burned in a stove after every second vote. The smoke from the stove comes out of a chimney erected on top of the Sistine Chapel. Black smoke means no decision has been made. White smoke signals that cardinals have chosen a new pope.

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