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Islamic Terror Massacre in Paris

Follow Fox News for the latest coverage on the manhunt for the suspects involved with the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

Key Points:
French police were confronting two separate -- but apparently related -- hostage situations Friday.
The Islamist brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo shooting were holding at least one hostage inside a printing house
The hostage taken in the second case, at a kosher grocery store in eastern Paris, were identified by police as Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene.
Two men fitting the description of brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi stole gas and food from a gas station near Villers-Cotterets.
Mourad Hamyd, 18, surrendered at a police station in a small town in the eastern region after learning his name was linked to the attacks in the news and social media.
Eight journalists, two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor were killed. 11 people were wounded, four of them seriously.

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