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Obama vows to tackle unfinished business in second term, faces high hurdles

With the oath, a punchy inaugural address and the traditional ride down Pennsylvania Avenue, President Obama began his second term Monday pledging to "finish what we started."

Inaugural Song Smackdown: Who won, Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson?

Two of America's most popular pop stars got ready to ruuuuuuuumble at President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Inaugural celebrations: How to eat like a President

 Shawn Rabideau of on the Inaugural lunch spread - and first family's fashion picks.

All the presidents’ mixed drinks

The Willard InterContinental Washington’s Round Robin Bar is serving up cocktails fit for a commander in chief.

A centrist Democrat’s view of the inauguration

Doug Schoen: The tone of the upcoming presidential inauguration is a far cry from the last.

At start of second term, Obama faces gathering storm abroad

 President Obama vowed, during his second inaugural address Monday, to "manage crisis abroad" in pursuit of a more "peaceful world."

Inaugural Product Placement: How does it help profits?

Christy Vogel and John Tantillo break down whether product placement in the inauguration helps or hurts businesses

Lenox’s history on Inauguration Day

Timothy Carder of Lenox explains everything about creating the official Inaugural gifts

Obama's first inaugural speech -- how did it measure up to reality?

With the president delivering his second such address Monday, here is a look back at his first -- and to what extent Term One lived up to his own expectations.

Obama Inauguration: Latinos Take On Key Role

Latinos are taking a more prominent role in Obama's second inauguration, from the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice swearing in Biden to a star-studded concert celebrating Latino culture.

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